Saturday, April 28, 2012

KCWC Day 5

Well here we are nearing the end of the Kids Clothing Week challenge.

Today was a lovely bright Autumn day.  Lala had fun dressing up and modelling her new scallop skirt and braided leather belt for you, but I found it hard to get a non-blurry photo, she is such a bundle of energy.

I wanted to do Lala a belt of her own - she is always trying to wear mine, but of course they are a little big.  If you're interested here's a quick pictorial of how I did it:
I used an upcycled leather chair squab and cut three lengths 1/4" wide and about  25" long.  I left a tab about 1.5" long - to the right of the cut strips (to wrap connect to the belt buckle).  
Then I braided and strips and sewed over the ends to keep them in place.
Next fold over the end to connect with the buckle and make a slit for the tine to go through.
Now to finish off attaching the buckle to the braided section you need to attach it with a rivet or an eyelet (I only had eyelets, which is fine as this part is hidden when worn.  The Navy leather strip shows you how it should look (but with a buckle in there of course!
In order to get the rivet (or eyelet in my case!) through, I needed to make a hole.  I can't find me leather punch so I worked through my awl to start and really carefully made it a little larger with snips, so I could get the hardware through and fixed.
Now to finish the other end I cut two matching strips 3/4" wide and around 5" long.  I rounded the end (not pictured) slightly - just thought it looked better.  Now tack the braided section to the end of one of the strips and make a sandwich with the braided raw edged concealed and topstitch all around the edges.
Now all you need do is make some holes (leather punch is useful here!!) for the buckle tine to go through and you're done! 

Happy making everybody!  I do love looking in and getting so inspired by everyone else's beautiful works.  Go check out the Flickr group if you like.  I might be able to finish off some other gorgeous things before weekends end, but I'm still battling with my girl over daily 3am wake up call.
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  1. Gorgeous, as I already raved on flickr! And thanks heaps for the belt tut... looks just like a bought one! I actually have a bigger version of this belt for me! Jenny x

  2. Wow you're a clever and talented chick!!!
    LOVE the belt, the skirt and the photos of Lala- can totally relate to the problems of taking photos of an excited girl who just wants to jump around!

  3. That's so clever- making your own belt! I have never even thought of trying that. I love that scalloped hem skirt. Really pretty.

  4. Oh, my. That is amazing. I want one for me (not my girl- ME!)- skirt and belt. Thanks for the tutorial pictures. I have quite a supply of leather, so will have a go. Cx

  5. Love the scallop skirt and the belt is such a cute addition! Thanks for showing us how to do it.... I may have to look out for some leather I can upcycle :) And yeah moving targets don't make the best photos.... it takes me about 40 photos just to get 3!

  6. The skirt and belt are gorgeous... as for Isla - what a poppet :)

  7. So gorgeous! Love the skirt and the belt! You're so clever lady :)


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