Monday, April 30, 2012

KCWC - Last day

Final day of Elsie Marley's Kids Clothing Week Challenge.

I have to say I'm a little disappointed in myself that I didn't post every day and that I don't have more to show you......well I did feel that way, until I had a little pep talk with myself.

While I love these kinds of challenges because they are all about spurring you on to getting things done and sharing inspiration along the way, they do raise a little bit of competitiveness in me and I'm not sure I like it in relation to craft - I think I work better when I'm not trying to make some kind of self inflicted daily quota.

I did get a couple of hours on Sunday to whip up some patterns - between these pieces I have a little knitwear wardrobe of dress, swing top and regular tee, long bell, long straight and short cap sleeve, peter pan collar....all I want to add to it is a hood and some neck bands, but with time short I went ahead and cut a merino top and dress.
So this is what happens when you rush - I mucked up the collar, so its a whole lot less than symmetrical , I could cut a new one, but I probably won't - just add a ribbon.  
Also the sleeve very long on Lala, so I'll cut some off and redo the gathering.
The dress is even further behind, but I need to serge the bib front in cream before I continue with finishing the neck.  I like the idea of some tiny vintage buttons down the bib.

I hope to do a little round up/photoshoot of everything I did (5 skirts, a belt and nearly a top and a dress) later in the week, but meantime the Flickr group is going off! 

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  1. My gosshhhh!! lala is so lucky!!

  2. You did awesome - you've inspired me to do more with merino... I reckon we should give ourselves a pat on the back... I'm pretty sure it's harder to sew Autumn/ Winter clothes than Spring/ Summer - like those in the Northern Hemisphere. I really enjoyed the challenge, but I have to say I am quite glad that it's finished :)

  3. Yum yum! That merino is gorgeous!!! That colour looks so so pretty on Lala, I can just imagine how beautiful she will look in her new clothes.

  4. Those last two outfits are going to look gorgeous finished and I love the colour of the knit. Plus a bow is always a good fix :)
    And yeah I didn't get half of the stuff finished that I wanted to... but I will TRY and be good and plod along to get it done.


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