Thursday, April 12, 2012

My creative space: F for fail

Thursdays how you creep up on me.  Thanks to everyone who linked up on my Sailor Spy blog for Wardrobe Wednesday - some gorgeous inspiring fashion goin' on!

I've spent much of my week wrestling with my paperwork and tacking a mountain of repairs and alterations.  Not so exciting for the blog eh?

The most exciting stuff I've crafted this week has been a custom order for three aprons. I've never actually made a bakers apron before - the only reason is I keep finding cool half aprons in the oppie and also my teatowel apron is still going strong.

Still I love this canvas Scandinavian print LOVE it - but the apron itself was a bit of a fail.  It was suppose to have a bow on it where the metal adjuster is sitting.  The red fabric is drill and it turned out a little too stiff to make a bow in that width (I hope I'm making sense) - anyway I reached for a buckle because the apron is needed for a present today, but next time I'll use quilting weight fabric.

I'm trying to think of what else to make with the leftovers.  Maybe a custom cover for my ukulele?  Panniers for my bike 'Archie'...  It would make an awesome iPad cover don't you think?  Just need the actual iPad to put in it!

Gosh what a dribbley meandering kind of post.  Happy day to you!

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  1. Well I think the apron looks delightful... and don't consider your post dribbly at all! My Mum recently bought me the most gorgeous apron. I kinda want to somehow get it into a WW post ... maybe I'll have to have a WW baking day! x

  2. It would indeed make a super ipad cover. I too picked up some of this fabric..also with no plans but had to have some...I will pop back to see what you decide on

  3. I adore that Scandinavian fabric. It is delightful. Cx

  4. Love that print - just gorgeous. Next time the bow will work (and you did make sense!) Just about anything would look awesome in the leftovers :)

  5. the fabric is fab, especially with the red. i want to back a notebook with the spare fabric x

  6. Ah, but you get an A + for using your new Spotlight fabric straight away and not just adding it to your stash :-)
    Its very pretty- bow or no bow!

  7. it looks beautifull...for a moment i though it was a dress to be honest(a dress i would love to wear)...the print is also very pretty.


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