Thursday, April 19, 2012

My creative space - Juggling....

'morning.  How are you doing? At my house I'm:

Decorating the carpet with pretty fabric confetti (a.k.a building up my stocks for a couple of markets late May and early June)

Peg Apron anyone?

Listening to Kiwi FM 'cos a change is as good as a rest.

Grateful for this little jar- made my cold go 'poof'.  Seriously just like magic.

Washing a whole bunch of printed cord in readiness for the Elsie Marley Kids Clothing Week Challenge which starts next week.

Tinkering with a hexie ball pattern and trying to make a sensible tutorial (and failing miserable - I am down but not out!)

Finishing my mittens, and not a moment too soon I might add.  I could have used them this morning on the bike ride to drop Lala at Kindy.

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  1. Our carpet looked a bit the same after trimming wool pom poms the other day! Suz

  2. Seriously coverting those mittens but I want some like that are fingerless - so lovely and the cord looks gorgeous

  3. The cord is divine and I love your other apron fabric too. Glad the cold went 'poof'. Hoping my upset stomach will do the same! Cx

  4. I love your floor - mine looks the same especially when all the bits are claimed by the girls and played with daily... I am off to buy one of those little bottles - first cold has hit, yuk. and I look forward to the conquered hexie ball tute :)

  5. LOVE the piccie of your carpet :D
    Mine looks similar but with paper hole punches - Mr 6 has been busy
    I love those mittens and it was 'Auckland' cold this morning too

  6. What do you mean, getting ready for a market a whole month or two in advance?
    Serious stock deficiency at mine right now.
    Yes, you definitely must prewash cord.
    I learn this every time.

  7. I think you should leave the carpets just like that! So colourful!

    You could bag the fabric offcuts and set up a side business selling wedding confetti. I think it would really go off (no pun intended!) x

  8. Love the colour of your yarn for your gloves.

  9. Looks like your busy Nin!
    We have concrete floors in the new house, makes floor clean ups super easy!

  10. My carpet looks like that a lot of the time too - but hey, at least you know someone's living there! And what great things come out of that mess. I love your fabrics, and the peg bags are super cute. Definitely need to make one of those - better than the plastic zip lock they're currently in! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.

  11. oh you too are working with a beautiful beautiful rich blue wool....loving that .
    Tutorials are great and i love the generosity of those who give them...but man....
    Did i say i am loving that wool....happy wooly weekend

  12. Wow you have been busy.... love the fabrics for your peg aprons... always wanted to make for myself.... but just had a look at your felt shop... I'm thinking I would love to buy one? Love the blue floral? Looks similar to a Cath Kidson Print. Do you think I could nab that one from you?

  13. love your stash of peg aprons (0:

  14. Love the peg aprons and the washed cords beautiful fabric!

  15. So busy! My carpet is often littered with snippets of embroidery floss ends. :) Love those mittens, too.


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