Monday, April 2, 2012

My flea market finds

Sunny day, coffee and opshoping - what could be better I ask you?

I had a lovely Christchurch blogger catch up and celebration of another year on the planet for this awesome lady (go say Happy Birthday, won't you), followed by a trip to the op shop this morning.

Sadly there wasn't too much in the vintage department that caught my eye - but such is op shopping I guess.

I did get this rather snazzy pair of glasses which I'm thinking will come in handy for future fashion photo shoots (although they make me feel a little sea sick with the current lenses).  

A gorgeous hand stitched hanky - isn't it sweet?

Some pins for my wig?!  No!! seriously - these are brilliant on my pin board and for scrap booking projects but so hard to find these days.

A basic plain scoop neck tee (which doesn't look worn).  It has long sleeves which is a definite bonus and I have various possibilities rolling round my head for embellishment, but lets face it plain tees are brilliant for layering, so its probably going to get worn just as it is.

The op shop had rather cunningly put together a display of little baskets, and I grabbed a squarish one for an Easter project I'm working on (more on that later) and I got a spoon rest in gorgeous chartreuse green.  This is one of those kitchen do-dads  I have often thought it would be nice to have.

My last finds were a couple of Dr Seuss-ish vases.  I commented to Juliet that I was sure if I loved them or hated them, but they could look quite cute my kitchen with all its red accessories and new green spoon rest.

The large glass vase with the hydrangeas was also free - left on the grass verge by my neighbour a couple of months ago.  All my big vases got smashed in last years unpleasantness so I consider this such a score.

I love it how my Dad's hydrangeas can't quite decide what colour they want to be.  The two shrubs produce a variety of purples, pinks and creams.

Have a wee look over here at other clever people's finds.

Hope you are having a lovely Monday where ever you are.  I don't know whether its the extra hour we gained from daylight savings yesterday, the typical calm sunshine-y Autumn weather, or the warmest hug I've had in ages this morning but I feel so at peace today.  Yah!

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  1. I love your finds and I Love those vases. Happy contented days are the best :) My mother in law brought me some hydrangea cuttings from Dunedin recently... It will be interesting to see what colours we end up with. Enjoy the rest of your Monday x

  2. Loving your finds and your sweet way xx

  3. It has been a divine day! Those glasses are very snazzy x

  4. o the postcard with the 2 dolls seems great!

  5. Love the Dr Seuss-ish vases the most. Perfect for a single bloom each - a red rose in the green vase and a yellow rose in the red vase?
    Cheers, Robyn

  6. I love that gorgeous photo on your wall!! and now I really want a vase of hydrangeas too

  7. Hugs sometimes just MAKE a day don't they
    And I LOVE hydrangeas
    And as for those glasses LOVE!


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