Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My flea market finds

What a great weekend we had for second hand finds!  The whole family piled into the car off to the dump shop on Sunday.  We had in mind to get some windows to upcycle into cloches for the garden, but as is so often the way we got distracted.  First by this:

We spotted it as soon as we got in the door, but I told Huz to take Lala off somewhere else while I inspected it - I knew she would fall in love immediately and I wanted to make sure it was a good example and we could afford it.

It was a great example - not without its renovation challenges, mind you.  The rust is all surface rust - and I'm looking into getting it professionally spray painted, which is quite expensive but its going to look beautiful when I'm finished with the chassis.  As predicted with Lala it was love at first sight.

Then Huz spied this desk and filing cabinet.

The cabinet he gave a good rub down and polish as the paintwork has character.  Realistically - we probably won't get round to respraying it and the colour does scream and shout with the rest of our furniture like modern cabinet colours would.

The rimu desk we gave a bit of a sanding before we took it inside.  The top has been replaced at some point with formica *cringe* so we'll be on the lookout for something to replace that with.  The draws and base are pretty solid and will need more sanding (we gave it a quick going over before we bought it inside), lashings of linseed and a wax and polish to finish.

Its a medium term  project, but we made a good start and with ANCAZ day tomorrow we should be able to get on with it some more.

Ah but it was so much fun changing around the house and welcoming in the new furniture (and waving ta-ta to the hideous grey formica corner desk with zero storage which was a magnet for dust and loose paperwork).

More fleamarket finds here - go look at the camera, swoon!!

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  1. Nice!! That pram is going to be so awesome!

  2. Well done you - I'm always on the look out for old fashioned dolls prams :)

  3. Adore that pram. We are looking after a very similar one for a little friend who is overseas for 2 years, but due back soon. My little Miss is very attached to is, so must look out for one for her to have as her own. It will be hard to give it back! Cx

  4. that pram is absolutely beautiful. apparently car painters are the best/cheapest for a prof. job on this sort of thing according to my husbandido x


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