Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spotlight made me do it.

So what else did you get up to over Easter?

I didn't do anything on my to do list - like gardening or paperwork or making covers for the threadbare sofas - despite the gorgeous weather.

I did sleep in a couple of days and mooch around and de-clutter the house and avoid my tax return quite well and I made a whole bunch of softies.  Isla got two playmates to take Easter Egg hunting with her (as well as the knitted bun buns I showed you last week) - what can I say?  When it comes to procrastinating over paperwork I rule!

And I couldn't resist the siren call of 40% off all fabric at Spotlight.  It was madness though, one women loved the bolt I was holding on to so much we lined up together and shared it!

I can sort of justify my fabric splurge because I have been accepted to the Winter Encraftment Market and I will be sharing a stall with market first timer Mrs Tartan Kiwi.  Horray!!

Well I had better get going - I have products to sew, tutorials to write, more accounts to do (still?  yes still!) and in a big lifestyle change I am now leaving the car at home and biking to and from Kindy, the Library and local shops. Which means I have to plan to leave a little bit earlier.

Happy day to you.

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  1. Yay! I can't wait till encraftment- we're going to have lots of fun!
    Love the bunny with the cute shoes :-)
    I'm trying to work out if I am brave enough to take two small children to the Spotlight sale this afternoon... hmmm maybe not my best idea ever!!!

  2. I saw that Spotlight had a sale but I can't/won't buy any more fabric till I have made a dent in the huge stash that I have. Productive day for me yesterday- I altered the length on 3 pairs of trousers & 3 pairs of shorts - I know, shorts going in to winter, but he will wear them until it is frosty then he will start wearing trousers. I also managed to line a leather bag that has been waiting for a while and made a 'stunt' Kindle to display in my Kindle covers. Good to get a few things out of the way actually!

  3. Lots of house repairs was our lot at easter. Love the bunny with the red shoes especially. Yay for winter encraftment x

  4. Yay for crafting and sales - there is always something better to do than stuff we Have to do :) Go you on the bike! We've been walking to kindy and back and although a bit of a mish at first am very pleased I'm still doing it!


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