Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Started and Finished

Ideas - they are always there bubbling away under the surface.  I go through periods of starting heaps of new things and periods of wanting to finish up stuff, to 'clear away' the mental clutter (and physical too) of projects left undone.  I'm moving through a phase of the latter right now.  Let me show you:

Hobby horse - started as a Christmas present for my wee one last year.  I managed to get the head recovered, but featurless by the big day.

I have to say that Lala has had plenty of fun with it sans details. It has been a horse, a unicorn, and elephant....but never a reindeer interestingly enough.

So the details and embellishments were added over the weekend, and I wish I could say she was more pleased now that reindeer is finished, but I have to be honest and say it was only me that got that satisfaction of removing some more items (antlers and ears) from my W.I.P. basket.

Project Details
Reindeer Head - adapted from a cushion pattern in Burda 4/2009
Fabrics - from my stash.  The main fabric is a cotton/linen and I would definitely recommend a medium/heavy weight fabric for durability.  Antlers are from scraps of microfibre suedette stuff (it was given to me years ago - so I'm pleased to have a use for it)
Hobby horse - from Grandad's garage.  It wasn't mine or my brothers', so we thing maybe it was my stepsisters?
Total cost $0 (Ha! - that is the best part)

Also. I have managed to clear away a pile of clothing alterations and a couple of WIPs to my burgeoning baskets of projects this weekend, but I immediately stuffed that up by starting something new.  What can I say, I was finding it hard to sleep Saturday night - a Milo and an hour knitting fixed that.

Still I need mittens for frosty autum mornings on the bike (Archie will feature in the blog some time soon), so I hope to get these finished this week.  Then hopefully I will start next week a little 'mentally clearer'.

Are you a bazillion projects on the go type of gal, or do you take it one project at a time?

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  1. I'm a bazillion projects girl too :-). Currently have numerous sewing projects, one knitting, one crochet and one embroidery project brewing in my head...it's nice to have a little variety in life, right? he he

  2. I try to just finish one before I start another but there are often a collection of ideas filed in piles around the place and if I'm honest at least one abandoned somewhere!

  3. I usually have a good few projects on the go, some short-term and some long-term. It's nice to pick one up when you feel like it. Those mittens look cozy!


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