Monday, May 21, 2012

A big week

Weelll - its going to be a big old week this week starting with a toddler coming to see me at 3:30am and culminating in market this Saturday.
I'm rather uncharacteristically ahead of schedule - perhaps because I'm sharing a stall this time round with Juliet over at Tartan Kiwi I've been a tad more aherm organised.  

She came over Monday to play shops (I love this part).  Here's a sneak peak - obviously it will look better in situ than it does in my living room.

I'm always on the look out for cute ways to display my wares.  I thought I would share this wee idea - I found this wooden sticks? paddles? in the $2 shop and sprayed them with blackboard paint on the weekend.  

The intention is to use them as little item/price labels (either stick them with blue tac or use a peg to attach them).  It was a bit of a fail though - I should have primed the things first as the paint has ended up with a real powdery texture.  Ah well, lesson learnt - I'm all out of blackboard paint now so I'll probably just paint them white and write on them with pencil, then paint over them when required.

These would be really cute to use as labels for plants - you could paint them as a craft project with your wee one and then you could plant some seeds together and kind of stretch the fun out.  

Do you have any tips about market displays - either from the perspective of stallholder or market goer?  I would love you to share.

Happy day to you.


  1. My only thing is pricing. At markets, as a buyer, it all feels very personal so I hate having to ask the price because I feel like I am entering into a contract with the person or they are waiting to see my reaction. I like having a really clear price to look without having to pick the item up and search... but that could just be me!

  2. I'm the same Miriam!

    Also, it looks pretty good in your living room Nin! Wish I could come browse the market on Saturday - especially with wares like that! All the best for your week ahead. xx

  3. Ooh, i can't wait to rifle thru your stall! Those things look like the fancy ice block sticks you can buy at the lolly shop around the corner from me. You prob. Done this but have you tried giving them a light sand and also prime themvwith a good layer of chalk dust and see if that helps?
    Good luck saturday x

  4. I second Miriam on the price thing. And I am a sucker for 'BARGAINS' or '2 for 1s' or 'CLEARANCE'. Plus a friendly stall-holder who is happy to chat and give recommendations/advice/different uses for that product.
    HAVE FUN!!!

    1. I do have some one offs and workshop samples at special prices and last-of deals - I will give this some thought. Don't worry - I can talk up a storm about my stuff hehehe (only cos I love design you understand) :) x

  5. Great idea, shame the paint didn't work out so good.
    Relax and have fun :-) Enjoy chatting to people, as a buyer one thing that really puts me off is the 'air of desperation" which can lead to the "pushy salesperson"

    1. I believe I'm pretty good at not putting off the 'air of desperation' LOL - I genuinely love connecting with other crafty -makers and -lovers. My mindset in a market situation is the money making is actually secondary to the networking and observing customers/getting feedback because all that is really important and valuable if you know how to use it.....but yes I know what you mean.

  6. Love the way its come together!

    Just given you a bloggy award.... go check me blog out to see :)

  7. Ohh looks great! Cant wait to see the "action" photo's!


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