Sunday, May 20, 2012

I'm loving

Its been a while since I was intentionally thankful on my blog.  But I had such a good weekend, I wanted to tell you I'm lovin:
A daughter on the mend (after a week of a bad cold - thankfully not the Whooping Cough we suspected).  She gets more sleep.  I get more sleep.  Our world is more, well, sane.

That I work for me.  Its a hard road, this self employment gig.  We have been talking on and off for a year about some sort of office job.  I thought it might be possible as Lala get's older, but honesty how do you cope and get time off work with a sick child, or two or three?

Lavender from our garden for the linen cupboard and our wardrobe
The lingering last days of summer and a tiny garden which despite its size and our shocking lack of attention over the last six months provides bounty.

I'm going to attempt Rosehip syrup with these.  I've never made it, but there is a first time for everything.

A whole day with my very busy husband - no agendas, nothing we had to do, no place we had to be.  Working together in the garden, relaxing, chatting, creating, dreaming.  We never seem to have time to just talk about our dreams and ambitions these days, I'm loving that we took the time to be connected in this way.

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  1. So glad your daughter is on the mend and its NOT whooping cough.
    Regarding an office job. I am on the flip side. Trying to work a full time office job and parent three kids. Its no picnic and I'm not sure how long any of us can keep doing it. The guilt of taking time off for sick kids/self, the long hours(48 hrs this coming week) and not doing something I'm passionate about is taking its toll.
    I haven't experience being self-employed, but I imagine its very hard work.
    Love that you had a whole day with your hubby. Sweet!

  2. Sounds like some very lovely things and well deserved too xx

  3. So lovely to have you join Things I'm Loving at its new home. I can identify with 'on the mend', it's been a tough week in our house too. Here's to more sleep for you all this week. Working when you have kids is not easy...hubby and I have juggled sick leave around ear infections, chickenpox, hand foot and mouth, vomiting, head colds, burns in the past five years with our two and it is always a challenge. I'm very fortunate in my current employment to have unlimited sick leave, it has been such a blessing! And so wonderful to have had that special time with hubby, we should all make the time to do it more often hey!

  4. What a lovely post. Glad Lala's ok, sick kids (or two or three indeed) are no fun whatsoever. Self employment is harder than people think - you really have no idea until you've had a go - so well done you for sticking at it. And a day with your husband... i am jealous... time - there's just never enough of it. Hope you have a great week :)

  5. The 'work' thing has been playing on my mind lately, I'm playing with the idea of doing my nursing when ginny starts school..(4 years away I know, but it seems like fleur was this age last week)....but, as you just reminded me (Winter usually does in some way) what to do when the kids are sick? And as it usually plays out, they're never all sick at the same time! I have many issues about the working Mum situation, worthy of a rather long blog post me thinks! So glad you got to hang in the garden with your man! It's one of my favourite places to chill with Ged too. Have a great week xx


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