Thursday, May 17, 2012

In my Creative Space

Hi ya.  Hope you're enjoying your day.  In my space today I'm:

Playing with some contemporary appliqué examples for a one of the classes I'm teaching at Handmade 2012 next month.  I'm seriously excited.  Seriously.  *Squeeeeee*

A bit random looking - but I'll plug away at it for now - it might just come right

Dreaming of my next knit project.  I really want to get started, but I'm being good and getting the outstanding market makings out of the way first.

Reading Catching Fire (sequel to The Hunger Games) sooo addictive.  The Hunger Games got knocked over in a day.  Brilliant easy read.

Relieved that my girl doesn't have Whooping Cough, just a bad cold.  We've been in isolation since Monday.  Major cabin fever goin' on round here.  She's still a little lack lustre, but a small trip to the garden centre for a coffee and a wander around is on for this afternoon.

Putting the finishing touches on the coasters I was working on last week.

What are you up to in your creative space today?

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  1. I like the colours you have chosen for the blanket to be :) and still loving the tile coasters. Can't wait to see how the contemporary applique looks when finished and what a accomplishment to be a tutor at Handmade!

  2. Glad your girl is getting better. Those coasters are looking even better than last time and I'm so wishing I could go to Handmade 2012. Cx

  3. Looks like you have been very busy!Love hte colours on your stitching project :)

  4. Whoop! My sister sent me the brochure for this and I drooled. SO exciting for you

  5. Those coasters are looking awesome!!

  6. Lovely projects - I really like the look of the contemporary applique/embroidery :) Hope your daughter is better soon :D

  7. the colours in your next knitting project are so lovely! I too would find it hard to focus on other things with such a lovely project in the wings... Here's hoping that you finish the others up quick smart...


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