Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Creative Space: Emergency Gloves


You may be forgiven for thinking I've been hiding under a pile of rocks these past couple of weeks - a pile of makings more like.

I have been crafting my little heart out for Handmade 2012 at Te Papa this weekend - hand warmers and zip purses and pin cushions...

All this is happening right after Encraftment Market last weekend - which was awesome - pretty cold, but as always connecting with fellow crafters and people passionate about handmade made the day a happy smiley one.  I spotted some lovely things of course:
One of the original quilt patterns by Chunky Monkey
Wheat Bags in yummy colours - Emilie Rose available here

I wanted to thank the lovely women who I ran into at the market who complimented me on this blog and I wanted to say Hi Barbara (a blast from the past, an old colleague from many years ago.  Barbara - SSS still ranks as the best ever day job I've had.  Ever.  Truly, these people became family - a workplace like that is just in a million)

Its always kind of amazing to me that real people actually read and are inspired by this space.  Very, very cool.

So - in order to still my frantic brain I've been knitting an emergency pair of gloves, just like these ones I recently made for me.  They are for my Texan sis-in-law, for whom NZ is cold to her in summer - let alone now.  I'm also drooling over some of the projects in this book:

I have a request for a red hat from my bestie and then I can get started on my blanket project I've been dreaming about.  

I'm also dreaming of getting some studio time to finish some winter jackets, a cord skirt and a dress which has been sitting in my head for far too long.  

What's happening in your creative space today?

Next week I'm going to take a little break and catch up on my favourite blog reads, the clutter, the washing mountain, the other half, the accounts.  Maybe I'll take some great photos at Handmade 2012 - otherwise I'll see you in a week or so, refreshed and bubbling enthusiasm.

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  1. Hope this weekend is a huge success! :) x

  2. cute, love the labels on your hand warmers :)

  3. All the best with your upcoming weekend in Wellington. Hope you have a fantastic time. Look forward to hearing about it. Enjoy your break next week too. Cx

  4. Have a FANTASTIC time and be inspired gorgeous woman x

  5. Your stall at encraftment was beautiful, but man it was crowded! I came home with a poncho made from an old blanket, I'm madly in love with it and haven't taken it off since!

  6. Hoping you have a fantabulous time in Wellington!

  7. Your wheat bags are gorgeous! I hope the market goes really well for you :)


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