Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Creative Space: Little Papery Makings

Just wanted to share with you some super quick, super satisfying things I've been creating lately.

I seem to be working through a lot of alterations and boring sewing jobs and making for market so not much time for designing, playing and creating just for the joy of it.  

Also I keep filling boards in Pinterest and Favouriting things in Flickr and adding pages to my bookmarks which is quite frustrating in a way.  I realise if I don't get on and do some of these things, they'll get buried and I never will.  Likewise I have and addiction to amassing amazing crafting materials for some purpose....yeah, I'm not the only one, right?

So last night I gave myself a time limit - of just the evening to do something fun!  I made a half dozen of these.  I was inspired by the tutorial over at Little Birdie Secrets - and just used what I had on hand.
I love the 3D look of these cards and I can use my stamp set to add a caption as required, or leave them blank.

And I made a dozen of these - yes I know not exactly ground breaking design, but useful, stylish and quick.   I used some pre-cut tape I bought at the last crafty market I did from Aroha Vintage

Lastly I started these and while I'm trying not to have more WIPs, I will break my own rules and finish them over the next couple of days. 

I kinda goggled 'tile coaster tutorial' and got like a bazillion.  I kept reading to use mod podge, which I don't have.  I used PVA and I can say from experience that it would probably be better to use mod podge.  The papers went a bit wrinkly as I added a layer of glue over the top as soon as I had stuck the paper down.

The second set was better because I waited a bit for it to dry.  I'm hoping that with copious coats of spray polyurethane and a little sanding in between coats I can even things out.  Would have been less trouble to use mod podge! 

I love maps on everything, so these are staying at our house, while the bright whimsical ones (which I also love, but my Huz not so much) will be winging their way to a friend.

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  1. I love the cards, I like the simplicity and I also adore anything with butterflies on it :) Coasters are a great idea too! And yes your not the only one who hoards for just in case :)

  2. Love the cards and it is so good to have a whole lot of them. the coasters look rad too

  3. wonderful :) Loving the cards - Im a sucker for anything with butterflies and I like the bright colourful coasters too :)

  4. Love the butterfly cards, they're adorable.

  5. Great cards, will have to check out the tutorial....would love to have polka dot butterflies in my garden.

    I love using maps for things but I also like the brighter papers too.......

    You have been busy,

    Claire :}

  6. The coasters are fabulous!

  7. Love the coasters- especially the bright cheerful ones

  8. Love the cards, love the coasters :) have pinned the same cards too :) was going to make coasters until I decided on something else. Got a few ideas from here: and their tile tutorial is here: Great results for one night!

  9. I love your butterfly cards (think I've pinned them too), and the map coasters.

  10. Love the coasters! What a fantastic idea!

  11. Love the butterflies and the map coasters. But they all look good. Cx

  12. There are recipes for making your own Modge Podge which are basically PVA thinned down with water. Some recommend 50% PVA & 50% water but I found that 40% water & 60% PVA works best. You do need to seal it after with a good sealer to make it waterproof but you have to do that with Modge Podge anyhow.

  13. What a lovely evening you must have had to make such pretty pieces :) Re the stickers you used for the bunting might have been Aroha Vintage you bought them from, I have some the same from my visit to the Christmas Encraftment market.


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