Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Creative Space

Hey hey.  Today, I'm

Hookin mother's day treats using this awesome free tutorial from Shh, I'm counting! (love her blog name).  Be warned - they are addictive.

Listening to Hollie Smith and the Lucid 3.  The library here has a great selection of Kiwi music.  I thought I would kick off NZ Music month exploring more deeply some artists I have heard around the traps.

Procrastinating on replacing zips in my brother's cycle tops (is it just me, or are repairs and alterations way less exciting than actually sewing stuff)

Recutting the collar on this merino tunic.  The more I look at it the more it offends me.

What are you creating today?  More creative spaces here.

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  1. when ever I get asked to do sewing repairs my standard reply is "but I'm a quilter" and I have warned my family that if they ask me to sew on a button it will be the biggest and brightest one I have! :o)

  2. I hate repairs and alterations! Making new stuff IS definitely more fun!

  3. The green is beautiful! Thanks for the link!

  4. Definitely more fun making new things, than repairing old things. I love the green you are hookin' with - gorgeous!

  5. I love that pattern and the colour. Off to check out the pattern for my new weekend project :)

  6. Interested to see what the crochet flowers will be? and yip I can't stand alterations and repairs, I mean just because I can sew people, doesn't mean I want to fix that hole in your jeans!!

  7. Love that green yarn!!! Gorgeous!


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