Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Mail

No sooner had I posted my pin cushion off than I received my one from my swap partner Lisa in the mail.  Thanks Lisa!  I am going to have a job keeping it away from my daughter though - she loves strawberries hehe.

In other news I finished off a custom order hat for my best-ee - as modelled for me this afternoon my Miriam of CreateHopeInspire - isn't she a doll?!

Amie (my best-ee) has just this year expressed an interest in learning to sew - horray!!  I've been saving up a few bits and pieces every sewer should have to start off her collection, its just a shame we don't live in the same town (or even on the same Island) or I would be 'round there all the time having crafty dates.

Hamiltonians - does anyone living in that area know of a good beginner sewing course I could recommend to my friend?  I have already sent her a bunch of links and suggested she try out a couple of tutorials at Mousehouse but does anyone else know of good resources for a total beginner?

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  1. Ohh exciting newbies to sewing!That collection looks pretty awesome!

  2. wow- what an awesome friend you are. I found this - but it is a bit spendy?!

  3. That Miriam takes a great photo doesn't she!?!
    Love your new hat, such a pretty pattern.
    What a kind friend you are. Your bestie is a very lucky girl, such gorgeous goodies!

  4. I agree the best-ee is a very lucky girl to have such a lovely, beautiful, clever friend!! lots of love xxx


    Great tutorials!

    and this book!


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