Monday, June 11, 2012

The journey of a bargain

Remember these?

Well quite some time ago I found these at a garage sale for $1 - not $1 each, $1 for the pair.  I bought them home with the idea to refurbish them at some point and I'll be honest - a bit of grumbling from my other half about how I'm filling the house with crap.  Aherm.

As luck would have it, I struck a deal with my Dad that he would refurbish the chairs in return for some alterations and various other favours.  They took him a while, as he is not a man to do things by halves but OH!  what a transformation.

We are so loving our egg yolk yellow wooden I'm just on the hunt for a round table to go with them.

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  1. Stunning transformation! I've got quite a few things like this, waiting patiently in our garage for their own transformations - you've inspired me to get going on them.

  2. They look gorgeous. I think maybe there are rather a lot of hubbies who have garages full of 'to be refurbished' items..... mine has!

  3. Great job, they look awesome! Love the colour :-)

  4. Cool! How did he fix the chipped front piece?
    x Amy

    1. Normally I reply to individual folks who take the time to leave me a comment (if you have your email enabled on your profile) - but I thought you might like to know the answer to this question which is.......Bogged it! A lot of bog (wood filler/putty stuff - I'm sure if you asked at your local hardware store they could help) and then sanded it flat when it was dry. He also took it all apart - as all the joints were wobby and replaced the dowels and reglued them with PVA. Sanded down the whole thing, primed it with undercoat and then two coats of yellow. A bit of a mish, that's why I was so stoked Dad did it :)

    2. Awesome! My hubby has a good stash of bog (that sounds so weird). Very impressive! Well done to your Dad!

  5. What a bargain! They look fantastic!

  6. So much work involved, but definately worth it... what a lovely way to give your room a pop of colour :)


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