Monday, June 25, 2012

My Flea Market Finds

or should I say my free market finds.

I've been blessed over the last two weeks to have found 5 vintage folding chairs.  They were sitting at the door to Kindy with a sign - 'please would some kind person take these to the dump, we will pay the fee'.

They do need a little TLC but they are ply - so lightweight, but with metal hinges and very sturdy and actually quite comfortable.  The shape of the seat reminds me of old cinema chairs.  I've done a little internet research and I'm thinking they could be mid-century or a little earlier - perhaps.  Do you have any ideas?

Anyway we are using them as is, as our old dinning chairs (of which we only have three, and one is perpetually at the computer desk) are hideous atrocities.  Trust me.

These ones will eventually need quite a bit of bogging and patching, so despite my love for wood I think they will end up painted.  I'm thinking they could each be a different colour (gelato tones like melon, pistachio, mint perhaps?) or maybe I'll paint them all matt black.  What would you do if you were me?

The week before that I was driving back from Kindy and I spied a bunch of stuff on the side of the road with a sign 'FREE' - I'm not one to pass up a rummage and I turned up these beauties:

This is quite tiny, but heavy dense hardwood - I'm thinking native timber.  It needs a good rub down and a few coats of Linseed, but its in pretty good shape overall.  It's destined for the little space by our front door.

Our hallway is a bit of a clutter hotspot of things that should be returned - books ready to go back to the library, mail for posting, resources for Kindy - that sort of thing so a wee bit of storage for outward bound stuff will be great.

Lastly I got this - I did mention 'beauties' didn't I - well that might be a stretch for this spice cupboard.  Brings back the memories though - I'm pretty sure nearly every household in the 70's had one of these.
Ever since I saw an episode of Kirstie's Handmade Home where she tried her hand at glass etching I've been on the lookout for a project to try this technique on.  The first thing to go will be the glass - I'll have a go at etching my own design to replace the current naff one.  Then I'm thinking I'll saw off the funny sticky-up-y bits along the top, replace the screws with a nice knob (there are some gorgeous ones at Redcurrant at the moment) and paint the whole thing white.  

It will make a good little cabinet for the bathroom - a place for me to store my makeup since Miss 3.5 has taken an interest and I frequently catch her trying to paint her face with my red lippy!!

And bonus - it even has some of the original little glass jars inside!

Sorry for such a wordy post - I'm a bit excited about the free stuff, eh?

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  1. Wow free chairs. They are a lovely shape and have perfect painting potential.

  2. Score Nin! I like the idea of gelato tones myself. That shelf is very very cool xx

    1. Hehe! Sure does make up for months of finding nothing interesting at the oppie :)

  3. Paint the chairs mint! I've always wanted mint coloured furniture, hubby just won't go for it. Great free finds!

  4. I am completely jealous! gorgeous finds... love the idea of painting the chairs a mix of colours. Can't wait to see how the cabinet looks once finished...and the shelve sounds perfect for the front door.. what great projects!

  5. I'd be excited too if I found all these treasures too, and for free, you lucky thing.


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