Thursday, June 28, 2012

Too meke (Too much)

Hey how's your week been?

Mine has quite literally flown by.  I've been super busy creating with my womens wear label and just chipping away at that blanket and those Quilt Bee blocks and finishing off this book.  Busy-ness.

We are off to a little person's birthday party on the weekend, so Lala and I sat down last night and started this quick pillow project.  I was inspired by this lovely lady - I have the fabric she used, but do you think I could find it??  I think I officially have a little issue with fabric hoarding.  When you get to the stage where you are buying double ups and aren't able to find fabric you know you have (or my box of quilting pins for that matter) you have a problem.  Right?  Since found the quilt pins in the first place I looked.  I have no excuse.

With that in mind I had a relaxing morning at Roz's house doing a little scrap along.  I bought along a charm pack I bought earlier in the year - fit of madness, but its lovely - I just didn't want this to be yet another piece of loveliness still there unused, so with the help of some of Roz's scraps (and some new pieces she so generously donated me) I've made some progress on a lap quilt.

I'm just playing at layout, but Roz's brilliantly simple idea (so as to get the most from these 5" squares) is to iron them on to lightweight fusible and sash with a pre-made bias binding.

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Happy day to you.

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  1. The lettering on the pillowcase is so neat and tidy! looks fiddly to cut out? Love the colour combo and fabric for your lap quilt, I will be interested to see how you do the bias binding sash as I'm not sure if I understand yet? Is it sashing around each block to hide the edges once fused? :)

  2. I'm with hootnz, I wait eagerly for the results. Love the lettering on the pillow, so striking! love all the colours you have used!

  3. The colours in that fabric are divine!

  4. Wow, your lap quilt is stunning! So many beautiful fabrics in there (some of which I am hoarding to make quilts for my girls!)

  5. Love the cover - gorgeous. and love the lap quilt fabrics - cant wait to see how it comes together!

  6. What a gorgeous collection of fabric. Beautiful. Cx

  7. I love the colours - tangerine, olive, saffron and a blue I don't know how to describe....

  8. Love the pillowcase & think the layout of your quilt is gorgeous - love the fabrics! Look forward to seeing the end result!

  9. beautiful pillowcase!!! xo
    ps. perhaps you could do a lettering on a pillowcase tutorial?


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