Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Modern Quilt Block - the story so far

You might remember me mentioning earlier in the year the Modern Quilt Bee I signed up for.  Last month was the end of round two.  I just thought you might like to see how things turned out.

Here are the blocks I've produced which are now winging their way to new owners as I type this.  Thanks again Cat and Leonie for organising this Bee.  I know how much hard work it can be.  I've really enjoyed getting to know a few new bloggers along the way, and its always a delight to discover new blogs.

I knew which block I really wanted to try for my round two one.  It involved curved piecing.  I like the inter-play of curves and straight lines in patchwork.  I took a lot of inspiration from other quilter's on line - flickr mostly.  Funnily enough the one I found most challenging (Kelli's bright rainbow) I felt turned out the best with the block design I had selected - but there was quite a bit of 'audition' of fabrics to get to the final version.

And as for my quilt - well I'm still waiting for a couple of blocks to come in, but I have been looking around at ideas for how to put it all together.  I love the sashing on this one.

And just the other day I found this sew-along.  I so want to try some of these blocks (its probably the colours I'm really attracted to hehe

Lala and I are having fun laying out the blocks on the floor and playing around with the arrangements.  I've also been playing around with pictures of the individual blocks in Picasa (a little drawback with this is that Picasa likes even numbers, so in this collage it has replicated two blocks at random to make a nice even collage)

These are the blocks I have so far - some were from the first round (we are now in round two), some are my experiments and a couple are from round two.

Its really is starting to look like a lap quilt which is exciting and I'm super glad I decided to add pink (its not my favourite colour at all) but the mustard/grey combo really needed something to give it some punch.  I think what I'm enjoying the most about the process is playing with the combinations and delighting in the different effects on the eye you can achieve just by rearranging them.  Lala loves this game too, I might add.

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  1. Received my block today! It's gorgeous thanks heaps :) The quilt is going to look awesome! x

  2. Your quilt looks amazing Nin
    Having just read pink isn't your favourite colour my heart tends to lend towards pink sashing though to bring it all together
    Can't wait to see it completed

  3. Love love love the blocks that you made for everyone (although I have to say that the one you made for me is the best!- hee hee!)
    Its so much fun arranging quilt blocks isn't it? Rascal and I love doing it too. Your quilt is coming together beautifully, and yes that touch of pink makes all the difference.

  4. Wow, all your curved bee blocks look amazing! They look like little butterflies.

  5. Its all so beautiful! I love the block you chose to make its so eyecatching! And your quilt is coming together beautifully, the pink was the perfect partner :)


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