Thursday, July 19, 2012

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So a very generous friend of mine Roz gave me a beautiful piece of Ink and Spindle 'remnant' the other day.  I love this fabric - I quite frequently go visit it on line.  Am I the only one who does this??

There was the fleeting thought that it would look fantastic as a few little zip purses or a stunning peg apron, but I wanted it on display in our home so I could enjoy it daily.

I made a simple little cushion cover backed with a coordinating plain cream and just did a very plain lapped zip - I don't mean to skite but I'm pretty good at zips - is anyone interested in a tutorial on how I put a lapped zipper in (i.e. using a plain dress zip rather than a concealed zip?

Anyway I didn't want to fart about with extra details but just let the gorgeous fabric headline y'know?

I also made up a little bucket bag.  I had intended it to be a fabric basket to keep my current yarn project.  I dived in - no pattern (as you do) and the proportions lent themselves more to a bag rather than a basket.

Also if I did it again I would use stiffer interlining - but still it does what it was intended to.

What are you working on?  There are more creative peeps and their spaces to be found here

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  1. That is gorgeous fabric. Glad you made a cushion with it. It would be the kind of fabric I'd be afraid to cut into. Looks great. Cx

  2. That fabric is gorgeous and I LOVE what you did with it!

  3. Wowzers! I love that fabric, it's on my 'if I win lotto list'. I would love a lapped zip tute! Any zip tute is a good one as far as I'm concerned.
    P.S I love that you say 'fart about', that was one on my Mums fav's hehe! xx
    p.p.s could I say love anymore in this comment?

    1. I swear - I'm turning into my mother - she said fart about a lot too!

  4. It looks gorgeous Nin! Beautifully stitched - I think a zipper tute could always come in handy.

  5. Gorgeous fabric and I love how you used it... YES PLEASE FOR THE TUTORIAL! (Sorry to shout!)

  6. I would love a tutorial on zippers. I avoid them like the plague. Gorgeous products too.

  7. This is gorgeous, love those Ink and Spindle prints. A lapped zip tutorial would be great, always good to see another way!

  8. Oh, for friends who have such gorgeous remnants to give away! That is beautiful fabric and looks fantastic as a cushion and a bag.

  9. Tutorial. Do it! And ohmygosh LOVE that fabric. Droool...

  10. Such gorgeous fabric! I Love what you did with it.

  11. Love the fabric, not so keen on the price so I'll admire from afar.

  12. Gorgeous fabric and I love the pillow -

  13. I would LOVE to know your zipper secrets!! :D

    This fabric is adorable

  14. Yes please to the zip tutorial! Am about to make another batch of cushions - this time for the caravan - and so a tutorial right about now would be great.


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