Thursday, July 26, 2012

My creative space

Finishing bunny girls* and peg aprons** for market this weekend
* Lovely Suse over at RevoluzZiona has allowed me to make some of these for local markets,
but you can find instructions to make your own  here
** my free tutorial here
Planning the zip tutorial for next week (sorry if that holds up your plans Katy) - I already had the appliqué pillowcase tutorial lined up for yesterday (see last post).

Marvelling at the generosity of certain friends (This is from Pretty Birds)

Awaiting (with the greatest anticipation) the official opening ceremony of this year's Olympics.  This is always my favourite bit - well that and the floor gymnastics.  It starts at 7am NZ time, so I'll only get the first 1.5 hours before I have to go set up for market - bummer.

Whats happening in your creative space today?

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  1. Cute bunny girls and that ring is gorgeous! Oh and I love the Olympics, can't wait!

  2. I love the bunny fabric! and their little mary janes xx

  3. Such cute little bunny girls!! I can't wait for the Olympics to start either! I'm going to miss the opening ceremony too thanks so various sporting commitments - but I'm sure it will be repeated later - the best bits anyway!
    Good luck at your markets!

  4. oh those bunny girls are very cute. love their little shoes. lovely job!

  5. Hee, love the gymnastics too! Those bunnies are super cute!
    Good luck at market!

  6. LOVE those cute lil bunnies soooooooooo gorgeous and SWOON that ring is AMAZING

  7. Those little bunnies are super cute and I love your peg apron, why have I never heard of this...awesome

  8. Just love the bunnies and their cute little shoes! I'm your newest follower, dropping by from My Creative Space ;-)

  9. I cant wait for the olympics either! will be fantastic. P.S. How great is that peg apron? that is a great idea :)


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