Sunday, August 19, 2012

Missing In Action

Dear Blogland

I miss you.

Things have changed around here.  Family life is busier.  Creative life is busier.  Everything else has been squeezed to the margins.  I have been avoiding you, but something had to give.

Lala is not going to preschool anymore.  Something bad happened, we lost our trust in their ability to provide a safe environment for her.  Its a long story.  I'm trying to let it go.  She is going to Kindy and this suits her creative soul so much better, but we've gone from 20 hours a week of daylight hours in which to work to 5 hours....if I'm lucky.

Lala presents "Giraffe Land" complete with twin watering holes, trees and stop signs.  
Apparently Giraffe's have a lot of crashes.  Please forgive crap photo, it was night time.

She needs me now more than she did a year ago.  Maybe its the recent upheaval, maybe its a period of mental and emotional development but she is clingy and needy and vocal and busy - always so busy talking or doing, but mostly talking and doing concurrently.

For months now she is having a hard time going to sleep, and frequently wakes up at 3 or 4am ready to face the new day.  I am confounded - we have tried lots of different things, but all I can think of is that her brain has kicked in another gear and is eager to experience, to grow, to learn.  I just feel I have to roll with that.  It will pass, won't it?

Creatively speaking I've signed up for a market in two weeks, a fashion runway show two weeks after than and another market two days after that.  !!!!

I do have a couple of new products and a zip tutorial to share at some point.  But please bare with me while I find the time to take those photos and finish crafting those posts.  Or go visit me at Sailor Spy - which is my creative hub right now.

I am treading the fine line between being excited and freaking out about the fashion show.  My mind just says "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep" a zillon times a day. It hasn't stopped turning.  Its hard to sleep I'm so syked.  Just like my daughter, once woken in the wee smalls my brain takes off and won't shut down and there is nothing for it but to draw or cut patterns or write stuff down for an hour or so.

So you see something has to give.  I find myself turning off the computer more and more.  Turning it off - not putting it to sleep, because then I'm not so tempted to jump on and surf and look at pretty things, and go off on tangents and not make in those precious hours and minutes and seconds I have with which to create.  And I feel that need to create oozing from every pore.  It has been a long time since I've felt that way.

But still I miss you.

Things I wish I'd blogged about recently:

I had a birthday
and I got lovely things and cake and Happy Birthday sung to me

I'm reading

Pithy anecdotes from American Ad-man (and some say the inspiration for Mad Men)

I'm still plugging away at 

a fan and feather blanket - just about, almost half way there!


  1. Much big love from me to you xxx

  2. lots of love, take your time, seek out rest, live your life xxxx

  3. Missed you too! But completely understandable, I have been avoiding blogland for awhile too, its good to a break to refresh....and wow what alot of exciting things coming your way :)

  4. I feel the same! Seems like most of the blogs I read (and mine) have gotten busy and are not posting so much. It's a bit sad, but I do feel like I get more done! That is so sad to hear something bad happened to Lala at preschool :( I hope she's okay. My girl is super clingy and waking up lots at the moment too, so I know how you feel! Tired!
    That blanket is looking fab! ;)

  5. I've only just started blogging more often of late. Poor Lala, hoping she's over the 'bad happening'. My son used to wake at 4.30am almost every morning when he was 4. That stopped when he went to school as he was so tired from his busy day he was in bed by 7.30pm and I woke him at 7am :).
    Hoping you have a productive time and the markets and fashion show are a blast. You can treat yourself to some well deserved R&R then.


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