Monday, September 24, 2012


Are you a pinner? I just love pinterest, its and awesome way to gather inspirations and tutorials I want to do all in one place.

Saying that how easy it would be to spend all my time a gathering and not manifesting that inspiration in my world.  Dee echoes my feelings so eloquently.

So this weekend I saw the opportunity to do a little manifesting. I took a little bit of time (and it was really easy and really quick) to pimp up some plain mugs we have to take down to my new studio.

This was the Pinspiration, along with some favourite quotes from my Board Mantras for Livin':

My husband is laughing - it is so like me to be making the accessories for my studio before I have taken the lid off the paint can.

It was another busy weekend at Orange Tree Cottage.  We filled another skip, we revealed more of the bones of the space and I can tell you without the mouldy curtains and  broken furniture it is becoming easier to imagine myself working there.
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  1. Love pinterest - love your accessories! x

  2. Love it - I might do some of these with my boys for the grandies this year.

  3. Oooh, I love them Nin! I have some boring old mugs in my pantry that I always feel like I need to apologise to our guests about. "Sorry I'm giving you a mug that has no personality." I think they'll be getting a spruce up soon... Thanks!

  4. WOW really that easy
    Oh la la ideas running through my brain


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