Sunday, September 30, 2012

Spring Clean Party - Part 1

Gosh my Saturday nights post kiddo make for are reading scintillating I tell ya (but stick with me - you may be able to help)!  

I was sitting here Saturday, absolutely stuffed from a full on day of renovations, nothing on TV (there are very few times when I'm home an I actually want to look at TV, so that's just typical) looking at our living room - really looking.  Its amazing how much your brain tunes out the clutter that insidiously builds up in your life.  I mean mental clutter and physical clutter.  I don't know why, but (I suspect?) like many people Spring is that time of year when it becomes apparent you need to lighten the load.

Part of me is saying "What?  Are you freaking serious - with the school holidays, two businesses going off and Christmas markets to make for, a full scale studio/shop renovation and you want to take on another project!"  ....but then I remember all the times I've done a declutter and how much lighter and more efficient I feel.  How much more in control of all the little strands of family/business/personal life.  

With this in mind I'm going to do a small area per day for 7 days and we'll see how we go.  Want to join in?  Can you help me with you're declutter ideas here?  I'm looking for cheap (or free) ways of refreshing our space.

Part 1 - The computer
Time taken - 3 hours (yikes! but totally worth it!!)
Cost - Free

I finally got on to teaching myself a few of the more advanced features in gmail, so I now have filters and folders organised.  I trashed 3,000 old emails and I unsubscribed from a number of sites and newsletters that just don't serve me anymore.

Just in case you need your reading glasses - that says "Woohoo!  You've read all the messages in your inbox."  Woohoo indeed!

Do you every feel like you're drowning in emails?  I thoroughly recommend getting to know your email programme better - I feel so much lighter.  Now what else can I spring clean?  Please give me all your good ideas and feel free to link up a post or tutorial you have over at yours below.


  1. Cool idea - going through my draws is always a good one for me and I've just done the games cupboard. i so agree - I'm a bit of a hoarder but lately I just want.less.stuff cluttering up my life. Might do one of my own - thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I've been spring cleaning all of september! Last weekend we spent all of saturday washing out interior walls! Haha. So many snotty handprints sneakily hiding everywhere!!!

    I like to keep my utensils draw decluttered, so many random utensils end up there that I will -never- use

    bookshelf, what will you actually never read / dont need to keep etc

    laundry room, mine always gets grubby because its behind a door.

  3. I started the other week, just small clear up projects when I can manage it and so far I'm loving it! I can see my craft table again (yay!), Our lounge is as neat and tidy as it ever gets and (one of the) clutter corners in our living room is completely clear. Next job is to go through the kids toys and get rid of the ones that are broken/ grown out of/ never played with I think!

  4. I got started today, pulled a few things out of the kitchen cupboards and will do more tomorrow. Once I have a pile I'll list some for online sale to get rid of them. Got to do the same with my fibre and fabric stash; I'm sure there is stuff in there that can find a new home. In the kitchen if I've not used it in the last year unless it's special it's going. So far there's the old hand-mixer (I only ever use the bench mixer now), a couple of Tiffins that are new and a fondue set also never used.

  5. I have early onset nesting so i'm totally into this, probably too into it (i cleaned the tunnel house yesterday-what a freak!!!) and i need to de-crap the place before we move out for eqc. I'm going to blutz clauds toy corner, cupboard etc, etc as its driving me potty!


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