Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Child's Play

By the end of the school holidays we had sort of run out of things to do.  Instead of more baking, we made apple and orange juice instead.  I had some cute little cocktail umbrellas in the cupboard, but you see these things in $2 shops.

Lala was delighted that it was "a drink and a snack at the same time".  Ours weren't super fancy as we really only had grapes and mandarins on hand, but I imagine you could go crazy with berries and stuff.

Oh yes and she is wearing all my rhinestones.  Hehe


  1. Love it! And those little umbrellas....they could go in anything - no excuse needed!

  2. That's such a cute idea, Notchka. I think I'm going to make fruity cocktails for the little gang coming over on Friday. x


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