Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy long weekend

A wee while ago, I mentioned the travelling stash box came to my house.  One piece of awesomeness I picked for my own was a retro sheet jellyroll from Deb.
vintage spring time
a bit like this

I remember some time ago another friend, Miriam doing a quilt from retro sheets - a stack and slash type affair. We marvelled at how the bold retro designs were soften so much being next to pastel and cut up in a way that lessen the importance of the print, over the tones within the print (am I making much sense here?).

Anyway, as is my way I digest these things.  I love the current trendiness for chevrons and gelato pastel colours and I wanted to use the retro jellyroll in a thoroughly modern way.  So taking the chevron motif as my jumping off point (because its so easy to do with precuts - you're already halfway there) to the jellyroll I added what pastel solids I had in the stash and it evolved into this colourwash:

I'm planning to hang it behind my daughter's bed in place of a headboard.  The thought is to quilt be hand along the chevrons, further blurring the lines between modern clean and whimsical retro design.

I'm planning to take this away on a little break over the coming long weekend (if it fits in our hatchback with all the dive/fishing gear my dear husband is planning on taking).

We booked a boat to holiday in the Malborough Sounds some time ago and despite being in the middle of a full scale renovation, and Christmas goodies production I really need to take this time right now to refresh.
I shall have some updates upon my return next week - we hope for plenty of dolphin sightings and maybe whales, catching big fat snapper, diving for scallops, some shore trips to explore parts of the Queen Charlotte Track and lunch in Furneaux Lodge.

Happy long weekend to you all.

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  1. Oh MAN that is beautiful! I love the colours! Have a lovely holiday weekend xoxo

  2. Love the quilt... so not shop brought! Fabulous with those graduating colours :)

  3. Have a great relaxing time away - carefree thinking and lots of laughing!

  4. It's an awesome quilt top! Love it. and enjoy your weekend away - rest up and relax x

  5. Stunning quilt. Love the colours and vintage sheet fabrics. Cx

  6. Wow that is fantastic!!
    You have an eye for colour and design
    Enjoy your weekend xxxxxxxx

  7. That is the coolest quilt ever. Seriously!

  8. You have really freshened up those fabrics... love the arrangement. And it will look lovely in place of headboard.. it will make making the bed just a little bit less of a chore :P

    Enjoy your mini break... sounds glorious!

  9. Love this it is so gorgeous and very inspiring. Hope the weekend away was wonderful x


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