Monday, October 1, 2012

Spring Clean Party - Part 2, Thank you Deb

This is a thank you post really.  A fellow Christchurch blogger, kind hearted, generous, Queen of op-shopping and all round crafty girl did this post some ago to do with her laundry  I still thing this is the most wonderful laundry - it has art in it for goodness sake!

I marvelled at the ingenuity of turning an old metal tray into a notice board - fantastic idea and I said as much at one of our regular met ups.  Well some time later - low and behold sitting on our front doorstep was this:

It has a castle on it - its freaking fantastic.  Lala was taken with it immediately, and it took some swift talking to convince her that this was just the thing for declutter the fridge.  Voila!

Funnily enough I missed the whole tutorial she did, but if I had read it I would have realised that this was a problem in her house too which makes me think that you might be interested in reading her tutorial on how she did it.

Now I have all those important bits and piece on hand but tucked away in a corner of the kitchen where we make coffee and toast.  Thank you Deb for your generosity.

Fridge before

Fridge After

Only the magnetic poetry remains.....
Cost $0 (tray was a gift, sticky stripes I had in the cupboard)
Time Taken - half an hour or so

And what's happened to the extensive magnet collection?  I've put them away for regular rotation on my new notice board (may we're gifts or keepsakes from trips we've made so I didn't want to chuck them out).

Tomorrow I have another quick and easy way to declutter a big clutter hotspot at ours...the top of the microwave (where we naturally put stuff down as soon as we get home).

Please give me your good ideas thoughts (free or cheap, fast and easy would be awesome) and feel free to link up a post or tutorial you have over at yours below.


  1. I've been using op shopped silver serving trays as magnet/notice board in my girls' bedrooms-they have been a big hit.

  2. Wow, that is a FAB idea!! Love that tray. And Deb. Well, she's just a GEM.


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