Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spring Clean Party - Part 3

OK - so I'm cheating a little here.  I did a declutter for myself back in April and a that time I bought these little plastic buckets from the $2 shop.  I thought it was worth mentioning though as its worked really well for us.

There is always one spot in the house where mail and clutter and random stuff which otherwise has no home collects.  We don't have a hall table, so for us this alcove with the microwave tends to get overrun frequently.

Since I put in the buckets, it has become easier to tame the mess - it only takes a few moments (say while you toast is cooking) to sort random bits and pieces which end up placed on top of the microwave to one of these boxes or the bins.

My Dad gave me a P-touch one Christmas and that came in handy here, but you could always print your own fancy labels - there is a great site with a selection to choose from here

From http://blog.worldlabel.com/free-printable-labels-gallery

Cost: $4 (for 6)
Time: 1/2 hour (including sorting and labelling)

Tomorrow I going to attempt some order in Lala's room.  Yikes its a big job...

Please give me your good ideas thoughts (free or cheap, fast and easy would be awesome) and feel free to link up a post or tutorial you have over at yours below.


  1. We have a number of those little containers collecting the piles of stuff that have no home! So bright and cheery they are too!

  2. That's great Nin - I love those labels !


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