Saturday, October 6, 2012

Spring Clean Party - The rest of the week round up.


...well I did say I would see how this week of blogging about spring cleaning would go.  I can tell you weren't as super exciting as I was - never mind.

I found this blog, which makes me feel like I am sane.  I shall be dipping into some of the great ideas for organising.  This week I've reflected on a masterlist I started right back in January this year of all the things I wanted to change, and actually I have ticked off quite a bit.  I published it - its up there on its own page, if you're interested.

I'm happy to report:
  • I went through Lala's room and sorted out two boxes of toys and a bag of clothes which no longer fit.  
The intention is to sell or give them to charity but they are in the garage.  I started to try and decide what to keep (in case we have another) and what could go and I got overwhelmed with nostalgia - surely I'm not alone in this?
  • I struggled my way through aherm several months of filing and have done a fair amount of inputting of business receipts into the old 'puter.  Not my favourite job, I can tell you.
No nostalgia in the 'office' aka one side of the living room - just a very full recycling bin and a very empty in tray.  Ahhhh that's better.

I have to remind myself I'll be moving all of my business equipment, machines, patterns, fabric et. al to a brand new studio in a few short weeks.  The house is going to look blissfully empty.  Even though we were working away there today, I still can't wrap my head around the idea.


  1. Yahoo! I am finding your new business venture so excting! Feel free to give us some sneak peaks ;)


  2. I'm super exciting too!! Pop over to my fashion blog for sneaky peaks

  3. Just been catching up, I love the idea of a spring clean... especially while I look around my desk and all the business papers hanging around! I am procrastinating, the garden is beckoning me everyday. Loved the magnet board.. I will keep my eye out for something like that ")


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