Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A wardrobe Wednesday Post, well sort of...

Recently I was invited to the opening of a local craft store.  I don't get too many opportunities to wear high heels, but I didn't want to overdress so here we are:
Top from vintage silk scarfes (like the one in this tutorial)
Belt, thrifted
Jeans, Country Road
Heels, Isabella Anselmi (from Overland)

You could be forgiven for thinking this is a blogger convention, but just look who I ran into at the opening:

Miss Bamboo Bear (Holly) and Mrs Tartan Kiwi (Juliet)

Juliet & my hot date for the evening Miriam

Also there was a certain Creative Mama and Kerry-Ann from  local craft label Ameliorate - phew it seems like a whose who of crafting talent in Christchurch.  Hardly surprising  its a very very cool shop - I can see myself spending a lot of time here:

The Make Cafe is (not surprisingly)  a cafe, but it is also the new home of online fabric boutique Sew Pretty and the space has a dedicated classroom/workshop area.  

Back in August Kirsty got in touch, told me her vision for a place which is more to do with community and inspiring creativity than just selling stuff.  I was really excited to hear that she wanted to create a space where the craft curious (or the pros) could explore new crafts and techniques, borrow equipment, take a class, take your crafty buddies for coffee and also shop.....all in the one place. 

Its been a while since I taught a class (well since my last stint in Wellington at Handmade) and I really miss the regular interaction with students.  There is something really awesome to me about sharing what I love and seeing students master a new skill.

Oh and I'm linking in with Miriam's Wardrobe Wednesday, its been a while so be nice 'K?


  1. I just loved this outfit. The softness of the scarf top against the jeans and those HOT heels. Always stylish young lady xx

  2. It sounds like the shop I've been dreaming about owning!

  3. Those shoes oh me oh my those shoes!

    BTW have you received a courier package from a certain 'good' company?

    And bliss the Make Cafe sounds just what I need in my neighbourhood

  4. You looked amazing Mrs! Did I mention how impressed I am that you can walk in those shoes?


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