Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fortune Teller

Recently I was asked to prepare a couple of envelopes for a special Auntie on the occasion of her birthday.

The idea was to get an envelope for each year of her life to open on her birthday filled with memories and kind thoughts.

I wanted to create something to reflect her fun and cheeky sense of humour.  She made paper 'Fortune Tellers' with me when I was a child.  A pretty neat alternative to a birthday card I think.

Not wanting to reinvent the wheel - there are heaps of tutorials and info on the origins of this very old game - try this or this

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  1. Great idea for a card! Love it.
    My daughter makes these all.the.time. I will have to tell her to send them as a card! lol.

  2. I loved these and make them from time to time with the girls. What a neat idea x


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