Friday, November 23, 2012

{How to} makeover the market display

The last of my holiday markets are happening this weekend.  I'm excited, but I'll be glad to get this weekend behind me.  Our second car has died and my husband needs taking to the airport on Saturday morning, so it is with some trepidation that I consider how I'm going to fit Husband, Daughter and market stuff in the one (working) hatchback.  And do this two days running.

That said, I'm looking forward to Saturday's Gap Filler market - a laid back family affair at St Mary's, Church Corner, Addington - there will be a bouncy castle, egg and spoon races and I am teaming up again with Juliet - it is so much better doing markets with a buddy.

Then on Sunday I'm taking my clothing and accessories off to All I want for Christmas, a design and art's market at CPIT.  The standard - both of quality and originality at the last one was absolutely stunning, so I'm humbled to be able to go again.

Anyway, back to the issue at hand -  I've had to think carefully about what to take and what to leave at home.  Usually I take a lot of display pieces and props - I love creating a mini-shop and using unusual props - I kind of have a reputation for my ladder and easel - but now I'm thinking if its coming it has to work as both a display piece and storage.

Its been on my mind to make over this little suitcase - I've had it so long I can't actually recall where it came from (maybe Raglan dump's recycling centre - well worth a visit if you find yourself in the area).  Its not in the best knick - its made from heavy card and is a little wibbly-wobbly dented, but to me that's all part of its charm.

I had some homemade mod-podge (thanks go to Ann for the recipe - its just 50/50 PVA and H2O) and of course I have loads of fabric kicking around (I used a metre of gingham, but I had heaps left over).

So in 20 mins....

I did the sides first - it was a matter of measuring the height, adding a little for seam allowance and then cutting a strip along the width of the fabric using my quilting ruler and rotary cutter.  1 width wasn't quite enough - I needed another 6" piece to get all the way around the sides.  The unfolded edge you can see in the photo above is going to be hidden in a successive step.

Here you can see the raw edge is lying on the bottom of the suitcase, folded edge along the top.  I painted a layer of mod-podge first, then got the fabric on, smoothing it with my fingers (its never going to be perfectly wrinkle-free because of the condition of the suitcase).  Then I went round the top and bottom edges with more mod-podge to make sure they were good and stuck.

Here I am doing the last small section (please forgive wobbly left-handed photo) - I made sure to get my brush into the corners and concentrated on getting quite a bit of mod-podge on the overlapping edges and pressing it with the brush/my fingers so it was really well adhered.

For the bottom and the inside of the lid, I measured the suitcase bottom (on the outside) and added a little bit for seam allowances.  Then it was just a matter of folding and pressing in all the raw edges like this:
 Then paint the bottom section of the suitcase, as before and lay the fabric in.  Smooth it out with your hands and then take a brush and a little extra mod podge and go around the edges, making sure the folds are well adhered.
Repeat this step for the inside of the lid and you're done!  Note that I chose not to cover the sides of the lid - on my little suitcase these are leather and I didn't think they needed it.

Happy weekend xoxo


  1. looks great - love gingham, love it!

  2. I've got two old suitcases that I rescued from my mums skip! this would work for atleast one of them....thankyou for the idea :) Have a great market.

  3. Looks so much better! The gingham was perfect for the job. Well done!


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