Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I love my life!  Every now and then you met a really interesting person with a need for a specific something - and its not something you can go and pick up at a department store.  I love that I can be the person to fill that gap and design a tailored solution.  

Take Lil.  I met her at the Steiner Fair the other week (which was just gorgeous).  She is an Equine Vet who practises Reiki and Acupuncture.  She needed an apron to have her needles close at hand while she works.  

She liked my peg aprons, but while talking to her we decided she needed four main compartments to keep different sizes apart and then I suggested an extra one - for well, just in case.

So now you know where to come for Equine Vet Reiki Master Acupuncturist aprons!  Its got me thinking about making something similar for all my garden tools though.


  1. awesome - what a cool thing to be a solution

  2. So neat to read those first four words of yours. Can't wait to find time for a catch up. Fantastic apron.

  3. Love your thinking on the spot... The Steiner fair was such a great day :)


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