Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas has come our neck of the woods.
Inspired by Kootoyoo

I can scarcely believe its happened - for the first time in five years I've just been too busy with this to even think about it.  Oh don't get me wrong - I have wistfully filled a pinterest board with things I would love to make.....but many years ago I made a pact with myself to just make one Christmas related decoration per year.

My rationale is that I have decades and decades to build the traditions, the pomp and the ceremony that makes Christmas special.

I marvel at other bloggers who manage to make the most amazing coordinated table arrangements, piles of tree decorations, hand embroidered table linen and who take part in swaps with a present for their partner each and every day of advent.  Marvel.  

You know who you are and I think you chicks are amaze-balls.

I also know I don't fit in that category and haven't done since I decided to take on two small businesses, and take over the matriarchal duties of running Christmas - a gap left by my darling and very wonderful Momma, who at the age of 95 has quite rightfully earned the right to be waited upon hand and foot.  I haven't yet managed to fill her shoes - but like I said she had decades of practise.

And so I digress.  I started by saying I surprised myself with the Christmas gig - here's why.  Last Sunday we decided, 'Yes!  We really must get a tree'.  The tree was got and down from a tall place in the garage came the box of decos.

Lala delighted in dressing said tree (and that in itself is reason enough for the process, trust me) and there in the box I discovered that many months ago I had done myself a big favour and stashed a willow wreath, found in an op-shop and some red 'berries' and cut glass beads I found at a School fair's white elephant stall.  With a little ivy from the garden and a length of ribbon from the box I have a passable and may I say deliberately asymmetric item in approximately 15 minutes.

Oh and if your wondering about the advent doilies - I did make them back in mid November and then didn't get time to actually get the typewriter out and add the advent 'filling' - so a bit of a fail really in terms of usefulness.  Still, they look pretty in the hall....perhaps they will be my 'one' decoration for next year?

I would love to know what quick, easy and elegant decorations you have made for Christmas


  1. I made a fabric covered polystyrene wreath last year which was a doddle. I love your whole approach x

  2. LOVE the doilies! And the wreath is gorgeous also

  3. your front door really suits a wreath, lovely job. my wreath is still lying naked on the dining room table, but today might be the day...
    your doily advent bunting looks beautiful nin (must pin for next year inspiration).
    see you thursday x

  4. We've been making Swedish woven Christmas heart baskets to satisfy my nostalgia of many childhood Christmas' in Scandinavia. They are quick and easy to make and my kids love putting lollies in them on the tree. Cx

  5. That's a great approach! Our collection is random and each year we've added one or two items. This year was bunting... that I whipped up last night! That's it, done. Of course I have a few gorgeous new items that were gifted so that increases this year's quota. And I think you'll find most of us think you're pretty amazeballs yourself! x

  6. I agree, one new handmade decoration a year is just right. I aim for one free standing and one hanging one for the tree. This year I did a three part cross stitch for the wall with little woodland animals that I started back in October (because it certainly wasn't a quick deco!). One quick one I did put together though is this little silver T bar I picked up from Ikea for around $10 and I've hung some spare ornaments on it for a table centrepiece. Very quick and effective!


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