Monday, January 21, 2013

A cute idea {Kid Craft}

Inspired by this pin, to take a wee project on our recent boating holiday. I wanted to take something along I could do with my busy 4 year old.

I took and disassembled a mini envelope and used this as a template (simply drawing around and then cutting out with scissors).  The sides are attached with double sided tape rather than glue - I found this was a little easier to handle on a (forever moving) boat.  It was Lala's most favourite job to peel the backing off the tape and stick the envelope together.

Then we got some cute stamps out to embellish the envelopes.  There is no 'glue' to seal these up, I'm planning to use a sticker or washi tape.

For the cards I totally cheated and got some precut cards from our local stamp store.  I used a set of fabric stickers from Aroha Vintage (incidentally the stamp set came from there also) which have been cut into a variety of shapes and we did a few doddles over the top.

I took along two packs of scrapbooking paper and the idea was so successful we went a little crazy and made a whole big supply.

Hopefully that should keep me going for the year.  Its so nice, I think to have a stash of handmade cards on hand to give thanks and such.  If I wait until I need one, I often lack the inspiration and/or the time to make a good one.
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