Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I'm only really posting Wardrobe Wednesday photos because I just bought a couple of lovely items from Croutons just before Christmas.  Here's one of 'em:

I love this little bag Rhiannon - you are a genius.
Tee - Country Road
Shorts - Cut offs found in the local Vinnies
Bag - Croutons

Obviously, I am not into glamping....I know - it look really pretty in magazine spreads but unless the experience comes with a cook and a butler and stuff - glamping is hard work, and I for one did not go on holiday to clean every 5 minutes.

We stayed on a boat and went fishing and swimming and did out-doorsy sort of stuff.  I know some women take makeup along and faithfully apply a full coat every morning.  We even ran into a friend whose girlfriend was on the back of his jetski looking like a Bond girl - red lippy, black eyeliner, the works.  I won't lie I am somewhat intimidated by this, but not enough to risk serious eye injury trying to apply eye liner while at sea.

I just thought you would be so startled and in awe of my great bag, right?

Oh - Miriam (who is on the end of this here button) posed the question around wardrobe resolutions.  I can't say I have anything specific about wardrobe, but I do have a post about that coming right up....


  1. That is a pretty gorgeous bag on the arm of a gorgeous looking girl :D
    Looking relaxed and happy
    I don't take makeup camping either

  2. ha ha I am so with you. Dazzle with accessories ... camping is not for make-up or cleaning!! xx

  3. Happy New Year! You look FAB and happy and relaxed :)
    And yes, those bags are great huh!? They hold so much and are very nice and comfy AND look good too!

  4. Yay! You look fantastic, and the bag is just the icing on the cake. I'm so glad you like it!
    I'm not one for make-up on the best of days, so definitely no glamping round here. I chuck my hair in a ponytail, jandals on my feet and away I go. Do wish I could rock cut off denims though - they look super comfy.
    Thanks again for the pictures, love love.


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