Sunday, January 13, 2013

So inspired....

I was really stoked some of you shared with me all your little reno projects going on around that house - thank you I was so inspired to get on with more jobs around our home.

Also I got an extra jolt of inspiration reading that this chick has no works in progress.  None.  I can't imagine a future where I have nothing on the go, but man its inspiring all the same.

Isn't it nice to give each other a little push to get those things finished you've been meaning to and this seems like a good time of year, with the weather warm, spirits high and funds rather low - especially when it comes to shopping for hobby bits (well, I can only speak for myself there really)

So to the one remaining sewing machine I went a couple of nights ago and a most productive time I had
(the rest are at the studio - and my!  the space we have now - cat = swing, yup you get the idea).

Quilt top for Amie - done.
The fabrics came from 'the travelling stash box' swap I participated in last year - all precut 5'' squares.  I know the stash box stopped at Roz's house before me and I'm fairly certain she donated these - so thanks Roz, Amie is going to love this, I'm sure.

Recovered a manky old cushion - dusted

The floral backing is a child's dress from the op shop.  Unfortunately there was a bit paint stain down the front but it yielded enough fabric for this...result!

Aaaaand today

A change mat (aka random triangle concoction) for a new baby - inspired by this:

All this and in between I've been churning out rows of this blanket....yay!! over half way there - I've done it in two sections and will join it up the middle.  I 'reckon I'll get it to its recipient before the weather turns.

I am officially 'back at work' - i.e. back into the studio Fridays and Saturdays but I think you can guess I'm still in holiday mode.  Enjoy it while I can I say Huz and the Babe are back to their respective routines on Monday and I shall be head down getting into my winter collection.

Are you back to your usual routine yet or waiting to go on holidays later this summer?  How do you make that holiday feeling last around your place?  Are you like me and super inspired to finish off some WIPs?


  1. wowsers girl you have been very productive. The quilt top is a triumph - officially inspired!!!

  2. Wow, you've done a lot. Love your quilts. Cx

  3. Awesomeness! What a great collection of completed items! I seriously love them all :). Thanks for linking up!

  4. Turbo charged Nin - how wonderful to see you have a quilt looking remarkably like mine :) I could tell you where every single one of those red fabrics were bought! Loving the triangular one - very cool in your novelty fabrics.

  5. What a great achievement
    I'm preparing for holiday mode

  6. Such many gorgeous things where do I start? Love all of these! That change mat looks amazing, and that blanket is going to the best gift :) Beautiful!

  7. All those creations are so beautiful! The colours in the quilt are amazing. I have SO many WIPS. I had a good bash at them mid last year, but there are many more too go. And I just started making a new dress for the baby. AND I have 3 knits on the needles at the moment! That blanket is looking GORGEOUS! (hee hee!)


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