Monday, February 11, 2013

Organised {Scrap Bag Swap 2013}

So lets talk scrap storage.

As I'v been preparing for the Scrap Bag Swap this year I've been looking around various blogs and Pinterest for ideas on how to store scraps so they are accessible and ultimately so that I'll use them.

At the moment my scrap store consists of one gigantic basket where scraps are roughly organised by colour and a series of plastic bags - one for wool, and several for teeny scraps that will be a postage stamp quilt (like this one from Wombat's picnic - how fabulous is this?)

OK so this kind of works, but it doesn't take much to start looking really messy and the one gigantic basket takes up so much floor space - the only real spot for it is in the garage.

My lovely friend Juliet let me take a picture of her 'small scrap solution' - she uses these canvas trays from NOOD that fit inside a draw - here she organises all of her small pieces by colour ready for paper piecing projects.

I had a quick look on line and they don't appear to be available in NOOD still, but using specialist storage compartments designed for other things seems to be a bit of a theme for fabric storage (and maybe this is something for me to bare in mind the next time I hit the Op-shop).  

I love the idea of using old cassette holders and shoe tidies and of course a fabric basket made from your scraps for your scraps has real appeal. I have collected together a bunch of ideas on Pinterest for orgainising scraps and some of them even have tutorials, but I would love you to tell me what cunning solutions you have come up with - especially on a budget.  Maybe you could even post a photo to your blog so we can admire your genius?

Scrap bag from scraps = awesome. 


  1. WOW look at those teeny weeny scraps
    Love the storage ideas
    Mine are simply kept in glad plastic bags in rainbow colour order


It makes my day to recieve your comment, so thanks for taking the time! :o)