Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sage Advice

It seems like an eternity since I wrote here and really I'm laughing softly at myself as I think about this last week (y'know with the benefit of hindsight and all that). 

 sage leaves steeped in hot water with honey added - brilliant for a sore throat

What a week.....sick family and defective computers, busy businesses and looming house demolition - much has demanded my attention, or has been a source of stress or sorrow or anxiety in some way, one thing after another the stresses have piled up... and true to form, the truth will out and I'm finishing this week with a strep throat and rapidly filling sinuses.  This is my bodies way of saying take it easy.  

I was sitting in traffic earlier, castigating myself for getting sick - when I really need to be healthy and well; viewing it as a total disaster and fretting about the how I'm going to get things done, and visit my sick grandmother and stay on track with the collection, and get all my scrapbag swap posts out of the dead computer, and, and, and....y'know not 'taking it easy'.  

While I was having this little internal tantrum, the car two in front of me missed the green arrow, within a second the car directly in front was beeping angrily at him but still he was too slow.  Then the car behind me started beeping too, and as we all got around the corner; overtook me at speed so he could catch up with the offending slow coach and beep at him some more.

Forgive me - I know this sounds banal, but here is the point: I had a little 'A-ha' moment as I noticed his number plate "I TEACH".  A wry thought "Yeah - you teach the world you're an impatient, boorish idiot with a crappy attitude" was closely followed by the thoughts "Did the beeping make this slow driver go faster?"  Nope.  "Does my fretting make me well and able to cope with whats happening right now"....errrr. 

You know the answer, its obvious right?  I seem to need constant reminding.  I think its really easy to get so caught up with your busy you don't allow for life to happen

Right now I need to be sick.  I need some rest and some good nutrition and some positive attitude.

And as for the strep throat - well lucky for me I was chatting to a naturopath today who suggested gargling and then drinking sage tea.  Have to say is has worked a treat on my poor throat.  And cost nothing (the herbs came from our garden) - Win!

I wish you a lovely lovely weekend.  Next week I'll start with some posts around the scrap bag swap I'm organising (whether they come out of the old computer or not I have a couple of guest posts to share with you).

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  1. Hugs to you x and I'll remember the sage tea trick as the strep throat is the first to appear when I'm run down.

    Also that's a fine example of when a personalised licence plate is a bad idea! :)

  2. such good words my friend. I am often reminded of the verse - who of you by worrying can add a single day to your life....get well soon and enjoy the res in the mean time xxx

  3. Thats for the tip! And yes, life will happen, well or not - go you for going with it :) hope you feel better soon :)


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