Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Scrap Bag Away!

This week is shaping up to be a biggy for me.

I have a photoshot for Sailor Spy on Saturday (eeeppp) and a thousand little alterations and bits and pieces to do between now and then.  With such a big week for my business I know I'm not going to get a whole lot of downtime for crafting *sob*, so on Sunday I took a moment to do a little crafting and make my scrap bag for my swap partner (oh and a quilt back, but more on that another day).

There are something like 11 days yet left before the final deadline for posting, but since I'm hosting I thought I had better pull finger!

If you're wondering - I looked at this tutorial (I'm intrigued by the idea of a gift bag that morphs into a scrap bag tidy) and I loved these over on the Scrap Bag Swap Pinterest board.  Its great to see so many of you pinning away - feel free to pin your own projects, but please check first - I can see several double and triple ups of the same projects happening.

And the end result?  I used light quilt batting on the sides rather than stiff interfacing - I like the soft squishy result, especially with the linen texture (I got the idea for the batting from Deb, who did something similar for another lady we know recently - pictured here)

I will admit that closed in 'gift bag' mode it is rather an ugly duckling, but I figure it will be in scrap bag tidy mode most of its life!

Are there any projects that have taken your eye?  I really want to make some pretty band aids- at the rate at which we use them in this house!   (somehow they work better than the plain ones)

Also want to do some quick tea towels, some for gifts and some for my studio.  

What are you itching to make with your scraps?

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  1. Gorgeous Nin, your work always looks exquisite x

  2. oh that is really cute - well done. Your partner will be thrilled!

  3. That looks amazing. Lucky partner! Cx

  4. love your bag, wish I had signed up for the swap but house buying/ selling has been taking up waaaay too much of my crafting time. Loving the scrap bag pinterest board too, so many cool ideas!


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