Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The mother load {Part 2}

Some time ago I talked about a huge vintage trawl (the filled the whole car - boot, all the seats, etc).

I have been slowly making my way through it sorting, cleaning, airying and frankly giving a lot of it away.

I'm not done yet but behold the tower of cot blankets in the corner of our living room!

What intrigues me the most is that many of these are mini quilts have been pieced from old linens, tea towels, fabric remnants and the like.  I want to give some more of these away, keep maybe 2-3 and disassemble the rest for fabric.

Also there have been some pretty vintage sheets and remnants I can use in my quilting - a few pieces I may even use for Sailor Spy:

There are a couple of pieces of upholstery  lovely mid Century stuff.  I'm thinking cushions for this one:

and possibly recovering a 50's stool with this one (please forgive the wrinkles)

There will be a part three and I'm thinking a giveaway of some of this awesome stash - stay tuned.

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  1. i cant get over what an amazing haul you got, and its so lovely your sharing your good fortune. there are too many i like to settle on a favourite, but i cant wait to see your stool in the 50's fabric-just so stylish and timeless a design to my eye x

  2. Feel free to send a delicious cot blanket my way if you're so inclined ;)


  3. Wow! that is the mother load!!
    What a find!! so many possibilities :)

    ~ Sally (from Frills & Fun)

  4. AMAZING!! I love the fact that the people chose to pass it on, rather than sell it off. That's very neat. Looks like there are some serious treasures amongst it.

  5. I'm seriously ooohhh'ing and aaaahhh'ing over those sheets!

  6. ummm...very awesome stash indeed! Will definatly stay tuned! I love finding pieces made by someone else you patched together this and that. Thanks for sharing! x

  7. What an amazing collection, an amazing that it was gifted to you. I spotted a few that made me swoon. Cx

  8. wow what fun to sort through!...I would do a lot of sorting and restacking just so I can keep looking at it all.
    Allison x

  9. Purely gorgeous! Love the variety of colours and design! I love the way you girls can term them into gorgeous pieces! I wish I had your creativity!

    :) Hazel

  10. Wow wow wow - what an incredible collection! All absolutely gorgeous!


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