Thursday, March 21, 2013

A side project

As you know (or not!?) I'm driven at the moment to finish off a bunch of WIPs lingering in our hotwater cupboard.  Lots of reasons for this...but I won't bore you.

Anyho after completing a couple of slow burning projects recently I really felt the need for a side project.  Something quick and satisfying - and [bonus] I got to use up the last of my Red Riding Hood yarn I used for this project and these - win!

You never quite know with four year olds whether they'll want to wear the handmade garment you've slaved over but I am happy to report Lala loves this - the yarn is just so soft and not scratchy at all.  Its the perfect style to wear under her bike helmet for trips to Kindy and swimming this winter.  We call her 'the racing sardine' in this cap - don't ask me why, but the term delights her.

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  1. That is the cutest red riding hat ever

  2. awesome! Racing sardine is definitely a term worth copyrighting!! So cute - love the shape

  3. That little hat has such a gorgeous profile and it's beautiful on Lala......I must get out the knitting needles again :)

  4. it's so cute! I love it - might have to go and find a similar one but as a crochet pattern!

  5. So gorgeous! I love the colour of the yarn!


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