Monday, March 18, 2013

Button love

She doesn't really have the patience for knitting, crochet or sewing just yet.

But man she love buttons.

Sorting, matching, stacking, running her fingers through them, creating little stories about mama and baby buttons....

So my button lover and me - we collaborated on the button picking, we sorted and searched for exactly the right ones.

What could have been a 20 minute quick job to which I would have devoted the minimum of attention, became a very important and enjoyable process.  Soaking up the early Autumn sunshine on the floor of our bedroom.  My girl and me.

Another couple of WIPs bite the dust too!

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  1. These photos are so gorgeous and I can just imagine the 2 of you and those precious moments lost in the buttons xx thanks for joining in xx

  2. I LOVED buttons too when I was a kid, my Mum had the hugest stash that I would go through for hours and pick out my favourites!

  3. Love button sorting! and occasionally we need to sort smarties or the likes thereof... such a lovely thing to do together. :)

  4. Most girls I find love a good button or mum had the most awesome collection and now it belongs to how they can still be loved by all generations. xx

  5. So sweet, I love these photos too....they bring back memories of playing with my nanas buttons. Nana's button jar was the first thing mum gave to me when she passed many treasured memories and I'm sure the same goes in time for your little girl :)

  6. Cuteness, button are like fairy money xx


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