Monday, March 25, 2013

Parental Fail

Sometimes you fail your children.  Yeah - I know what a way to start off a blog post!

I think its important to admit that as parents we aren't perfect.  Sometimes we drop the ball.  In the grand scheme of things that isn't important, its what we do about it.

I shall explain - Lala's kindy had a 'trikeathon' fundraiser recently.
I got the notice.
I put it on the fridge.
I put it in my diary.

It was kind of a funny time of day - at an hour I am either serving Lala dinner or sitting in a traffic jam on my way to pick up my husband - gah Christchurch traffic, but I digress.

I rang Grandad to organise some moral support for my dear one.
I signed people up to sponsor Lala from 10 laps of the obstacle course.
We got really excited about doing 'the race'.

I planned dinner in advance so we could go to this thing at 5.30.......I got the wrong week.

And when we arrived at Kindy last Monday a pencil was thrust into my daughters hand and she was asked to draw a picture of herself at the trikeathon.  [Head slap]

So we honored the lovely people who had agreed to sponsor Lala.  We had a trikeathon on our drive.

Sometimes there is just too much to do - and too much pressure to do it all, seamlessly with a smile on our face and a freshly pressed hostess apron on - y'know?

What was important was to show Lala that people make mistakes, but its important to follow through on your promises.

I'm linking in Miriam today - I know - two weeks in a row!!

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  1. I love it! i love that you made it special for her and you honored her excitement about it. Yay! Good mama xxx

  2. I love you NIn
    You and your honesty
    And go LaLa I so would have had my pom poms out cheering you on sweet girl

  3. I'm so glad you still made it happen - good on you! We had a moment like that the other week - I forgot it was dress-up day at kindy. I just felt so stink for my boy! I dropped a costume off to him and all was well, but that feeling still remains and makes me want to try harder and do better! Your home trike-a-thon looks like it was heaps of fun :)

  4. Oh been there so many times! just did that today infact! But what a nice way to make up for it....looks like she got a thrill out of being centre of attention :)

  5. i love this post.
    (and you!)


  6. Oh many a head-slaps around here - life just gets a bit busy, but yes, I'm with you - people make mistakes but we follow through :) and I'm sure she still had an awesome day x

  7. So not alone! I did this with a kids party recently. RSVP'd and everything. The day sailed on by and we were just having a pj kind of morning I do believe. I did not realise until that night. Ooops.

    You did a wonderful job of straightening it all out though I must say! :)

  8. I've had a few of those moments in almost 25 years of raising kids. Lala still had her trikeathon though and that's the most important part :).

  9. Life just gets crazy busy sometimes huh! I did a similar thing a few weeks back - we had rsvp'd to a family night at kindy, with a magician and dinner provided and it wasn't till I got to kindy the next week I realised it had passed us by without a thought. Opps. Love it that you made it up to her and made it special.

  10. I love the driveway trike-a-thon. I've had "do not forget the bake sale" humming away all week in my head. I didn't forget, but came close! xxx

  11. Oh we all have had weeks like that..they make us feel so bad but we can move on and one day know that we will laugh about the little blimps of life. xxxx

  12. love it.. good save mama!!!


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