Thursday, March 14, 2013

{son fini}

Right.  Prepare yourself for shameless showing off:

Time to start something new perhaps?  Nah - still have a ridiculous pile of WIPs.  Doesn't stop me pinning on pinterest...maybe just a little one??

How many WIPs is normal? C'mon let me know that 5 quilts on the go, plus 3 other sewing projects and a crochet project is completely average. 

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  1. That is a beauty. I really like all the reds together, it puts me in mind of a kimono for some reason. I just keep seeing beautiful quilt like yours, its so inspiring. When i next have some free time (in about 3 years or so lol!) i'm determined to have a go x

  2. That is STUNNING. Who did the actual quilting? You? I want to make a quilt, but I want someone else to do the quilting.
    I have 4 knits on the go (2 complete just need weaving ends and blocking). I have 5 little girl dresses on the go - mostly done, waiting for buttons etc...
    Also a bunch of bibs.
    AND plans for: hoodies and trackpants, winter jammies, merino leggings, more knitting for friends, nappy wraps and more bibs. :)

  3. This is gorgeous, and a beautiful mix :)
    And you're absolutely normal....if I had just finished this quilt I would definitely be starting something else to join the pile of WIPs x

  4. Soooo many projects on the go, must be normal :) Completion can be such a big word. Your quilt is beautiful!

  5. It's gorgeous Nin! and no that amount is completely average... dont forget the list with about 10 more pending! ;)

  6. Visiting from show and tell. this is gorgeous. I do not think you can have too many WIP's!!!

  7. Love all those reds together. Really luscious.

  8. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............. I love this - tonal quilts make me very happy for some reason. It's beautiful Nin - but then so is everything you make xx


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