Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Chevron Quilt

From the UFO files....

Inspired by:
a convo with my daughter about what it would be like to live in a Truffula tree (hence old skool thick and squiggy poly-batting)

and a chat with Miriam about a quilt she made from vintage sheets - the way even the boldest motif softens when they all chopped up and reassembled 

and the timely arrival of The travelling stash box which contained a jelly roll of vintage sheets.

Started last year some time. 

Did the top in a day.

Took 6 months to consider all the elements to finish it off.  

In the end I got the sucker pinned, hand basted and about two thirds hand-quilted in the space of a couple of evenings.

Its often like this with me - I like lots of space to consider the pros and cons, to imagine various bindings; to go off on tangents and come back to it refreshed.

One of these days I may actually list allll the projects I have on the go a la Mrs TartanKiwi...and then again, maybe not.

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  1. I LOVE THAT QUILT. It is SO beautiful.

  2. I feel very proud to even be mentioned in a post with such a beautiful, amazing quilt. Love it xx Thanks for the petticoat too x

  3. So beautiful. I love how it come out and love the fabrics. Cx

  4. WOW it is beautiful hon xxx
    LOVE it

    Looking forward to Friday - - - - making plans as I type

  5. I am so in love with that quilt! Looking awesome!

  6. Nin... Wow - just stunning x

  7. Nin - that's stunning. Absolutely stunning.

  8. I love the way that this turned out, it looks stunning on Lala's wall!


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