Thursday, April 4, 2013


This last week it seems like I've done a lot of craftiness, but much of it is secret squirrel - shhhhh.  

Did finished another Queen Anne's Lace scarf and I can show you that!  

You may remember I made a purple one around a year ago?  That was for my sister in law, but this one is for me; well eventually it is.  

Kirsty asked me to come up with some crochet ideas to teach at her shop, and I really wanted to do this project as its a little more advanced than anything I've taught in the past.  

If you are curious and keen to learn crochet - I've got you sorted too.  Check out this beginner project:

Modelled by the lovely Miriam - ain't she cute?

I've (or I will be) linking up with Leonie's regular Thursday Show and Tell.  Do go say Hi.

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  1. Oh my goodness now I need one of those scarves
    And I do believe I own one of your gorgeous hats :)

  2. love your scarf! great colour. and love that outfit too!xx

  3. Gorgeous scarf! Yay for teaching! Looking forward to seeing the secret squirrilling!

  4. pretty pretty!! Whats it like teaching beginners to crochet? I've never done it , haha, always refer my friends on to much more talented people!!

    Your scarf is lovely any how! I love seeing crochet in the modern world :)xx

    1. Seriously Sophie, teaching is fun! I love that a-ha moment, when it all comes together and your student can do it! It helps to have a couple of different techniques for them to choose from (i.e. hold the hook like a knife, or like a pen) and a few different ways of delivery the content so you can connect in with different student's learning styles.

    2. LOL wait I'll show you how I crochet - it's pretty special!

  5. Love the scarf! Goes so well with your outfit!

  6. As always beautiful work. I was looking at the crochet classes the other day and crunching on the beginners hat it it very cool :o)

  7. Love your scarf and the colour is just gorgeous.
    Have tried the Queen Anne's lace pattern and couldn't get the hang of it,
    but that was a few years ago. Might give it another whirl as it's very effective.

    Claire :}


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