Monday, April 22, 2013

Full throttle {BTMIWTB}

I don't know about you but when my kiddo skins her knees my stomach turns itself in knots - but that's my girl, living her life full throttle, not thinking about yesterday's 'ouchie' nor worrying about tomorrow's.

In an effort to distract Lala, Ange pulled out her photo to snap a picture: from meltdown to smiles in under 10 seconds.

Sometimes I think we as adults would do well to 'shed' matters in this manner.

Also it has occurred to me many times that my role as Mama is not only teacher but pupil.  This little person has so many great lessons to teach me.

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  1. so true lovely mama, so true x

  2. Hey Mama you were one organised Mam to have a plaster in your handbag! And that skinned knee was impressive. Yeah for Ange saving the moment

  3. Oh yes, that would make life so much simpler! Gorgeous little poppet x


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