Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Op Shop Showoff {and a vintage giveaway}

I had a blimmin good day at the op shop yesterday - yes I did.

 Basket love, and some kitchen essentials....

 the perfect lasagna dish.....

play kitchen bits

 A couple of silks scarfs for my collection

Craft bits to put away for Lala's craft stash

and some super cute sandals/clogs.

I left behind a vintage tin first aid kit with some of the original contents and a pair of cute burgundy suede peeptoes with a little bow on the front.

Hummmm - keep thinking about them, maybe they'll still be there at the end of the week.

In other news I have this gorgeous ripple crochet baby blanket to give away.  I found three recently, have given away one and kept one and so this one is looking for a new home

If you're keen for it, just let me know in the comments.  I'm happy to post anywhere in NZ or further afield if you're happy to chip in for postage.  If there is more than one person keen for it, I'll draw a name out of a (vintage) hat on the weekend and let you know this time next week.


  1. 1.PERFECT lasagne dish, indeed!
    2.That tool for pulling fabric through makes my life SO much easier - and I lost my one for about 6 months. I only just re-found it...in the couch!!
    3. Awwwwesome clogs!! and in your size? what luck!

    I think I might go op shopping today...

  2. I would looooove to have the blanket.....and the baskets, and the jars.....but seriously, I have just checked the rates for portugal (my base, but I am living in Guyana) through the NZ post system and pffff.....no luck, so I hope you'll find a great little one to give it to....
    Thank you for being around !

  3. Hi Nin, is that a Pyrex dish? Loving the colour.

    1. Hi Heather - its similar to pyrex - called 'crown ovenware'

  4. So much wonderful kitchen goodness! I can see why you were stoked!
    I have noooo idea how you left behind the first aid tin though, I'd be RUNNING to the shop.
    (I've got entirely too many blankets in my tiny house, so while I do love a good ripple, I'll opt out of the giveaway this time and leave it for someone else x)

  5. Wow they are some awesome finds! Go you! I am a terrible op-shopper so I will live vicariously through your finds for now!

  6. Love the yellow dish. So happy looking. And, I'm a huge clog fan at the moment. Great finds. Cx

  7. Wow, what a haul!
    Those clogs are A-MAZING- love them!

  8. Cool finds I can see you love op shopping way to go :)

  9. those clogs are fantastic nin. and i didn't know you collected silk scarves. all kinds or just particular kinds? grand to have you linking up x

  10. Wowzers! What great finds! I love the clogs and the wee french knitting doll, very cute!


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