Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunday walk [photo heavy]

What do you call a group of bloggers?  I've decided we must be a flock, as all together we are *loud* and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

While I wasn't able to attend the full event this past weekend (I'm self employed - there is no such thing as a weekend) I was lucky enough to billet Louana* and to go along to the conference dinner and a Sunday morning brekkie at C1 followed by a walking tour.
Just quietly I was thrilled some of my favourite interior furnishings from the old C1 - like the Singer water dispenser - are still there.  It gave me a little reassuring feeling that some things remain.
The coolest new addition is the door to the toilets.  At first glance its a bookshelf loaded with National Geographics and Encyclopedias - but it slides back into the wall when you approach it to reveal the passageway beyond.  Needless to say my wee one was enthralled.

After a bit of top shelf nosh we ascended an ornate winding path to C1s roof top vineyard to show our out of towners:
a view from the top
and a new perspective
Our tour guide in action
My walking buddy

 there is still 'old' here.
 poignant expression of our grief

 making friends
 The [just a little bit] cardboard catherdral
 Very soon I can relive my Mary Poppins fantasy in Regency Street's gelato coloured Spanish Mission style shops

 The hint of brick and glass on empty lot after empty lot
the hint of a column 
I feel a quilt design coming on.....

 secret codes
walk the line (hehe)
at one of the last cordons -a mascot
 Don't ask me what that face is about - but I had to have a picture taken with this chick, she rocks
I used to get my sushi here

I'm sure there will be many many others who have recorded this walk in ther ways - other things will have stood out to them.  I can't take another photo of my broen old studio or the tumbled down catherdral
* she spoilt me rotten, but I shall save the skyting for another post


  1. I love your photos they are amazing x

  2. Love your ohotos and perspective, and loved meeting you and your gorgeous girl x

  3. Some great photo's, been interesting to see what people see as the photo's that they want to post.

  4. beautiful photos nin. i was very moved by the memorial chairs, i loved how no two seats were alike, reminding you of each of the INDIVIDUALS that perished, unlike the uniform memorial crosses, though i could hardly bear the baby capsule. the weeds growing up through the mini mall grabbed me too-nature literally smothering the man-made in such a short space of time x

  5. I so wish I could have come and met you all (but at 3 weeks out from my due date that was not possible) - I've been so jealous reading everyones posts. Great photos by the way!

  6. That was fun for a total stranger to your country. xx

  7. Nin I love the way you captured your city
    It was an absolute pleasure meeting you IRL and getting to spend time with you
    I wore my Kisses skirt yesterday and have my Liberty skirt on today - feeling very Sailor Spy designerish and very spoilt xxx

  8. Fantastic photos. Wish I could have made it too. I used to live in Christchurch but I find it so hard to orientate myself there now. It's so exciting to see things changing, yet still so sad.


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